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Dr. ArJo® Balance

How is Dr. ArJo® Balance administered?

The product is designated to be injected into the superficial dermis, avoiding hypercorrections just by qualified doctors. If necessary, the physician can perform corrections with both the serial puncture and linear retrograde techniques, according to her dexterity.

Benefits of Dr. ArJo® Balance

  • Specifically formulated and optimized for mid-face volumizing

  • Reduces moderate to deep wrinkles

  • Can be used for perioral lines, lip and eyebrow contouring

dr-arjo-balance-ladyDermal-filler__Crosslinked_Hyluron-Dermal-filler_Hyaluronic-acid-filler_Hyaluronsäure-Spritze_German filler_Rejuvenation_Unterspritzen

What is Inside the box?

  • 20mg/ml 1ml prefilled syringes

  • 2 sterile disposable needles 27G 1/2″

DrArJo-Balance_Crosslinked_Hyluron-Dermal-filler_Hyaluronic-acid-filler_Hyaluronsäure-Spritze_German filler_Rejuvenation

Technical Data

Main ingredientReticulated hyaluronic acid
SourceBacterial fermentation
Concentration20 mg/ml
pH6.00 – 7.50
Initial hyaluronic acid molecular weight2,400-4,000 kDa
Cross-linking agentBDDE < 50 ppb
Total endotoxins< 0.5 EU/ml
IndicationsTreatment of periocular wrinkles and for lip and eyebrow contouring
Injection areaPossibly the deepest dermal layer
Needles27G 1/2”

Dr. ArJo® is an innovative sterilized cross-linked hyaluronic acid hydrogel formulated with greater resistance to degradation and longer remaining life.